A Vacation to Tulas Island in Samosir

Samosir offers an endless adventure. North Sumatra Province should be proud of it. Apart from Toba Lake and Samosir Island, there are other attractions. Tulas Island is one of them. It is located in Sianjur Mula-mula District. It is one of the islands in the midst of Toba Lake. The island features nature beauties like coconut trees and wild bushes. Since it is an uninhabited island, you shouldn’t expect accommodations or facilities. The best thing is its serenity. The island can be either a vacation retreat or a place for an adventure.

An Unpopulated Island
In terms of size, Tulas Island is smaller than Samosir Island. It has an unspoiled beauty. There is no settlement in here. In fact, UNESCO has considered it as a geopark vacation spot. You can reach the island using a speedboat. Once you arrive at the island, you may see the unlimited green scenery. It is all about nature! The island has a mesmerizing atmosphere. Despite its small size, it becomes a nice place for an adventure. It also helps you get along well with nature.

As mentioned earlier, Tulas Island is unpopulated. You won’t find many visitors here. On the other hand, you will find grasses and other plants. It is similar to that of New Zealand. Apart from plants, there are some animals living on the island. The best thing to do is to explore the island. You can even get around easily. If you are too tired to walk, you can simply sit on the grass while enjoying an endless beauty of Toba Lake.

Next, it is time to take pictures. The lake becomes a great background for your picture. Moreover, you can simply lie on the ground and take some selfies. One thing, there are some thatches. For those who love water sports, it is possible to play in the lake. The water is warm and calm. Though, it won’t be suitable for kids. Parents must pay attention to their children while playing in the water. There are no local people. That means tourists should take care of themselves.

Once you explore Tulas Island, it is time to go back to the mainland. No worries. There are many things to do. Some villages are situated near to Toba Lake. You need to pay a visit to these settlements. Also, you can enjoy local foods. What is more? The locals have interesting daily activities. Most of them are fishermen. No wonder, they live near to the Lake. You can even see some boats nearby.

How to Get There
In order to visit Tulas Island, you need to head to Samosir Regency. From Medan, it doesn’t take much time. It is better to find a good rented car. This way, your trip can be more comfortable and faster. Public transportation is not a bad idea, actually. Though, it usually takes much longer than a private or rented car. Once you reach Sianjur Mula-mula District, you can start looking for an accommodation. From here, you can either visit Samosir or Tulas Island.

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