Ransang Bosi Village in Samosir Island

Toba Lake is an icon of North Sumatra. It has attracted more visitors every day. Not to mention there is Samosir Island. This is the major island in the midst of the lake. There are many small villages in it, as well. Each of them offers unique beauty so it is worth to visit. Ransang Bosi is one of them. The village is famous for its nature attractions. You can do many things here. These include a natural pond, the famous black garlic, and nearby villages.

Getting Around Ransang Bosi
Ransang Bosi is a calm village. It becomes a perfect vacation retreat for everyone. You can relax and get closer to nature. There are many wild plants and trees nearby. It also features a river. The villagers are approachable. Some of them even offer guidance for tourists. They can help you get around the village and visit some interesting spots. Actually, there is a famous product here. The name is black garlic. Some people call it the magic black garlic.

Once you arrive at Ransang Bosi, you can explore this location. The village is famous for its black garlic. What is it, exactly? It is fermented garlic. The locals take advantage of the pharmacological process to create such unique commodity. As a tourist, you can buy this healthy herbal product. It gives amazing health effects. It can be a perfect supplement to retain both stamina and vitality. Usually, tourists buy some black garlic for their families or friends. There are some local sellers in the village so you can easily buy it.

The next attraction is Namboru Boru Saroding. It is a sacred pond. Since it opens for public, tourists are allowed to come here. As the name suggests, it was the bathing place of Baru Saroding. She was a legend. Many tourists come here to learn about this folklore. Are you interested? It is located near to Ransang Bosi. To be exact, it is situated in Sitio tio District. Once you reach the location, you may find a beautiful landscape and calm atmosphere. It is a worthy place to visit!

Another interesting thing is Batak culinary. If you visit Ransang Bosi Village, you should try some local foods. Have you ever heard Dali Na Horbo? It is made of buffalo milk. According to the locals, it has been the part of Batak culture. Not to mention it has been around for hundreds of years. In terms of appearance, it is similar to porridge. What about the taste? It tastes like a cheese. Some people even call it Bataknese cheese.

How to Get There
It takes about 240 km from Medan to Ransang Bosi. However, it is an easy route as you only need to use Sidikalang Street. Once you reach Ajibata, you must cross Toba Lake. No worries. There is a ferry service in the port. From here, you will head to Tomok. The next destination is definitely Ransang Bosi Village. During the trip, you can witness beautiful scenery. It will be an astonishing experience. Once you arrive at the village, you can do what you need to do.

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