An Endless Beauty of Nature in Tarabunga, Balige

It is true that Toba Lake is the most famous tourist attraction in North Sumatra. The best location to enjoy the beauty of the lake is from Samosir and Parapat. Still, these are not the only options. In Tobasa regency, there is Tarabunga hill. It is a perfect spot to see Toba Lake from afar. The hill is located near to Balige. The distance is about 5 kilometers. It is also near to Tampahan district, which is about 2 kilometers apart. People visit Tarabunga due to its solemn and beautiful nature. Local people also use it for a pre-wedding photo session.

Getting around Tarabunga
The best time to visit Tarabunga is during summer. Many people come here for its sunset. The reflection of the reddish sun may appear on the surface of Toba Lake. It is quite stunning! The sunset appears more beautifully from the hill. Due to this reason, many visitors come here with families. They want to enjoy the nature while witnessing a beautiful sunset. It won’t be good if you come during a rainy season. The sun will be covered by clouds and the hill isn’t good for hanging out.

Tarabunga Hill also has nearby attractions. For example, there is Meat Village. You can find some women with their traditional weaving. The next village is Tampahan. It is situated near to Toba Lake. Most of the villagers are fishermen, traders, and farmers. Still, the most visited village is Tarabunga. Thanks to its famous hill. The village also features fresh and comfortable temperature. Everyone would enjoy staying here. That’s for sure. Local government is aware of this potential. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist attractions near to Toba Lake.

The beauty of Tarabunga has attracted both inexperienced and professional photographers. As mentioned earlier, it also becomes an interesting background for a pre-wedding photography session. Not only it offers beauty, but it also offers serenity. Visitors can enjoy a solemn atmosphere of Tarabunga. Therefore, many people come here for relaxing. They want to eradicate their burdens and stresses. From the hill, tourists can see surrounding scenery like Sibandang Island, Samosir Island, Meat Village, Muara, etc. Near to the hill, there is a vast field. It is a suitable medium for riding a motor cross.

Tarabunga has become a new place to enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake. It is as famous as Parapat and Samosir. Most of the visitors come here to see either sunrise or sunset. The hill is a vacation retreat for busy people. You can relax and enjoy the solemn of nature. If you want to eat something nice, you only need to head to Lumban Silintong. It only takes about 15 minutes from Tarabunga. The local foods are quite delicious, for sure.

How to Get There
From Medan, tourists should take water transportation. The distance is about 5 km from the main city. It is a short trip, after all. Not to mention it doesn’t cost much. In the ship, there are some sellers. They sell snacks and drinks. There are also some local foods like Gota chicken, naiarsik, and other Batak specialties.

Exploring the Signature of Tobasa – Tarabunga
North Sumatra is famous for its enormous lake. The name is Toba Lake. There are several spots to enjoy the beauty of the lake. Most of the tourists choose Samosir and Parapat. Though, there is another spot to enjoy the view. It is Tarabunga Hill. Not only it offers the view of the lake, but it also offers a glamourous sunrise and sunset. Most of the visitors come here during weekends. Some of them also come here during special events like religious rituals. For couples, the hill becomes a romantic place to spend a vacation.

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