An Adventure in Holbung Hill, Samosir Island

Samosir Island holds many villages. Huta Holbung is one of them. Due to its majestic nature, the village has been recognized by many tourists. Is it because of its age? Holbung is more than 200 years old. It offers other uniqueness, though. One of the lures is Holbung Hill. Tourists come here to enjoy the views from above. Also, they are able to enjoy other nature potentials and locals’ life. The village is quite calm and comforting. It is also suitable for relaxing during a vacation retreat.

Visiting Holbung Hill
Before conduct an adventure to the hill, it is better to visit the village. There are about 500 people living in Huta Holbung. It can be more than that, though. Due to the beauty of Holbung Hill, more tourists come here. It is perfect for trekking. Approximately, you can reach the summit in 10 – 15 minutes. No worries. There is a footpath. You can also see many hill weeds along the way. Once you reach the top, you will be speechless. The beauty is incomparable. It can be your next wonderful holiday.

The locals even call this location Teletubbies Hill. It is due to its similarity in both beauty and size. Not only it provides astonishing scenery, the hill offers refreshing atmosphere. From here, you can even see the majestic Pusuk Buhit and Toba Lake. All of these attractions make a great nature portrait. One thing, you should not litter. As a visitor, you must keep the environment clean. Holbung Hill is a valuable tourist attraction in North Sumatra. Everyone should take a good care of it.

Before visiting Holbung Hill, you should have prepared everything. Importantly, it is the health. Make sure you are in a good shape. Just because it is a comfortable trekking, doesn't mean it is flawless. Parents with kids shouldn’t be careless when trekking. Since there is no nearby eatery, you should bring some drinks and refreshments. It is also wise to hire a local guide.

Holbung Village can be a great place for relaxing. Both the village and the hill are attractive. Though, you can find other charms. For example, there is Turbo Waterfall. It is also called Sampuran Bolon. In order to enjoy its charm, you should walk to the location from Holbung. It is about 50 minutes. It sounds tiring, doesn’t it? Though, you will be astonished by the beauty of the waterfall. It is situated in a concealed area. In fact, it is called as a hidden piece of paradise. Don’t you agree?

How to Get There
In order to reach the hill, you can use two different routes. First, it is from Medan to Tele. During the trip, you may pass through Kebanjahe. Another route is through Siantar, Parapat, and Samosir. It depends on your start point. If you choose the second route, you must use Tiga Raja Port to reach Tomok in Samosir Island. What about the accommodations? There are several hotels in Samosir. Each of them has distinct facilities and cost. Make sure you bring enough money.

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