A Historical House in Parapat City, Persanggarahan

Apart from its beauty, Samosir Island holds historical values. This includes Pasanggrahan. This historical house is located in Parapat City. Today, it becomes one of the best tourist spots in North Sumatra. Moreover, Parapat has been quite popular among tourists. It is an exotic city. Thanks to Pasanggrahan. More people are interested in coming to the city. What is it, exactly? It was the house used to exile Soekarno. Not only it was used to confine the president, it also confined Sjahrir and H. Agus Alim. They were confined for about 2 months.

Exploring Pasanggrahan House
Due to its historical value, many historians and tourists visit Pasanggrahan. The house has both classic and modern architecture. It also has two floors. Pasanggrahan was built in the 19th century. The size is about 10 x 20 m. Many people are astonished by its gorgeousness. Not to mention it is surrounded by a garden. According to the locals, the house was used as a villa. It belonged to Dutch foremen. After the independence of Indonesia, it witnessed the struggle of country’s leaders. Today, it becomes a tourist spot.

Inside Pasanggrahan, you can find some historical items. These include paintings, furniture, books, etc. All of these items were used by Soekarno and friends. Fortunately, the managers have done a wonderful job to keep these things well-maintained. In terms of architecture, it applies a classic design. Though, you can feel a little bit modern atmosphere near to the house. At glance, it represents the European buildings in the 19th century. Many experts call it Indische Architecture. After all, this is one of the lures of the house.

For visitors, Pasanggrahan is more than a historical house. It also becomes an interesting vacation spot in Parapat City. Once you arrive at the house, you can see beautiful scenery around here. The best view is definitely Toba Lake. You can witness this majestic view from the house. Some local boats are also visible from here. Due to these beauties, Pasanggrahan attracts more visitors every day. It has both the beauty and history.

Pasanggrahan also features teak wood. It adds the value of the house. The wall is mostly made of teak wood and it is decorated by some pictures of Soekarno, Agus Salim, and Sjahrir. These are the reminiscences of their seclusion in Parapat. The interior is quite neat. It is because some of the furniture has been replaced. If you want to enjoy beautiful scenery, you need to go upstair. There is a vast balcony. From here, you can enjoy Toba Lake’s beauty while inhaling refreshing air of Parapat. Next, you can explore the other sides of Parapat City. The most recommended destination is indeed Toba Lake!

How to Get There
From Medan, you should head to Ajibata Port. From here, you cross the lake using a ferry. Once you reach Tomok, you can hire an ojek or public transportation to Parapat. The house is easy to find, after all. You can even ask the locals regarding the location of Pasanggrahan. There are also some accommodations and facilities nearby.

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