Simarbalatuk Summit in Parapat City

For those who love trekking, Simarbalatuk Mountain can be a good destination. It is located in Parapat City. The height of the mountain is about 5000 feet. Even though it is a challenging activity, tourists can reach the summit comfortably. This mountain is suitable for trekkers and families. The thing is Simarbalatuk is situated between Buttu Malasang and Bangung Dolok Village. That means you can also explore nearby villages. Not to mention you are able to reach the summit from these villages. It is an adventure!.

Reaching the Summit
The other name is Dolok Simarbalatuk. The mountain offers a distinct beauty. You can’t compare it to other attractions in Parapat. Most of the tourists are nature lovers. They want to enjoy beautiful scenery like sunset, sunrise, green hills, and much more. The mountain also features many animals and plants. All of these charms are the rewards. You can forget your tiring trip right away. Some tourists also come from other countries like the USA and European nations. It is because they have acknowledged the beauty of Simarbalatuk.

The mountain also features a local village. The name is Bangun Dolok Village. Many travelers and hikers come to this settlement. They want to explore nearby attractions, especially Simarbalatuk Mountain. There are many options. These include outbound, hiking, and camping. In fact, the village becomes the most popular camping ground in Parapat. Both trekking and camping are quite interesting. These are the best activities for nature lovers. That doesn’t mean you can carelessly go to the mountain. At least, you must prepare the equipment.

The most important aspect is your stamina. Trekking to Simarbalatuk Summit takes much energy. Make sure you are in a good state. It is better to come in a group. That means you can rely on others’ help during troubles. Next, you must carry proper equipment. These include a navigation device, a tent, a sleeping bag, a jacket, gloves, etc. Some snacks and drinks are a good idea. You can’t find eateries in the summit, after all. What’s next?

Parapat City offers tons of vacation destinations. With a tour guide, you are able to get around this city. For example, you can visit Dolok Bangun Village. It is a great place to enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery. Not to mention you can see pine trees. There are also some houses on the hill. If you want to get closer to the villagers, you can meet them in their farms. Their common greeting is “Horas”. It also becomes the chance to learn some local words. Make sure you come with a tour guide, though.

How to Get There
Most of the tourists come from Medan. It takes about 184 km to Parapat City. The best transportation is a rented car. The first destination is Pematang Siantar. Once you reach the location, you may continue to Parapat. If you want to visit Samosir Island, you should use a ferry from Aji Bata Port. Simarbalatuk Mountain is located on a highland. That means your trip involves trekking, as well. Thus, you should prepare a good stamina. Also, it is better to come with a tour guide.

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