A Wonderful Vacation in Maria Raja Beach in Samosir

Samosir Island is definitely popular. It is the part of Toba Lake. If you come to North Sumatra, you must never miss it. It is also the biggest island in the midst of the lake. Not to mention it features many tourist spots. Maria Raja Beach is one of them. The beach is stunning. It is located on the edge of Toba Lake. That means the waves aren’t strong. The sand is white and the water is clear. The locals often come here for swimming. You can also come here for relaxing.

Maria Raja Beach and Nearby Attractions
Maria Raja is not a coastal beach. Still, it features beautiful and smooth sand. It offers a unique atmosphere. Why? It is cooler than regular beaches. Your family members can play the water freely. In holidays, many people come here for a vacation. The beach is as popular as Parbaba Beach and nearby tourist spots. Is that all? Since it is located in Maria Raja Village, you should try some local foods. The most famous food is Gomak Noodle.

Eating Gomak Noodle near to Maria Raja Beach will be an outstanding experience. What is about such dish? Actually, it is a famous culinary in North Tapanuli. You can get it in Maria Raja Village, as well. The locals apply some spices and use a secret recipe to make a delicious dish. The noodle has a chewy texture. You can either get it from local eateries or villagers’ house. Some locals are quite friendly as they will invite tourists to enjoy Gomak. It will be helpful if you are fluent in the Indonesian Language.

Next, it is time to take good pictures of Maria Raja Beach. Some spots can be perfect backgrounds for photography. The landscape is definitely tempting. Next, there are some souvenir stores. Maria Raja belongs to Batak Tribe. That means you can buy some Batak items. The most popular one is Ulos Fabric. The other items are key chains, carving, etc. There is even a local market. You should be able to bargain, though. Sometimes, the prices are unreasonable. It is because some sellers want to make lots of money from tourists, especially foreigners.

Overall, a vacation to Maria Raja Beach is worth your time. You can do many things like water sports, eat local foods, and shop at the local market. Do you want more? Once you have explored the beach, you can visit nearby attractions. There are other villages near to Toba Lake. All of them are worth to visit. In fact, each village has unique attractions. When it comes to accommodations, you can choose various types of hotels. There are also some motels nearby.

How to Get There
From Medan, you can use Parapat-Tomok lane. Once you arrive at Parapat, you should ride a ferry to Samosir. Actually, you can rent a speedboat in Ajibata Port. If you come from Jakarta, you can use a plane. Your destination is Silangit Airport. From here, you can use any types of vehicles to Parapat. If necessary, you need to hire a tour guide to reach Maria Raja Village.

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