A Fun Vacation in Boho Village, Samosir

Samosir offering the beauty of Toba Lake, it also promotes its calming villages. For example, there is Boho Village. It belongs to Sianjur Mula-mula District. The location is on the edge of the lake. It is also located between Bukit Barisan Mountains. Due to its strategic location, tourists come here to relax and enjoy the nature. For beginners, it is better to learn about the village first. At least, you should know what you are going to do in Boho.

Exploring Boho Village
First, it is about the lake. Those who visit Samosir Regency won’t be able to deny the beauty of Toba Lake. From Boho Village, you can ride a local boat and explore the lake. For those who love fishing, you can take advantage of the lake. It is because the water is quite calm. Next, it is about nature. The village helps you to get close to nature. You are able to hear the sound of nature and enjoy a solemn atmosphere. That means you can relieve your stress by hearing the sound of bugs, birds, and other creatures.

Boho Village can also be a place for trekking. It is challenging tourists’ body stamina. It helps you get out from city life. If you don’t like a tiring activity, you can simply spend your time with villagers. They are approachable. Not to mention you have the chance to enjoy their dishes. It gives you a unique experience. That means you are able to live like the locals. Boho is one of the best villages for searching both adventure and fun.

When it is about Boho Village, you can find many unique things. For example, the village is famous for its Batak music. The most recognized music teacher is Guntur Sitohang. He is the masters of different traditional Batak music instruments. These include Garantung, Sulim, and much more. Not to mention he has had many disciples. When spending a vacation to Boho, you should try some instruments. No worries. The locals are willing to teach you. It is because many musicians live in that village.

Another attraction in Boho Village is Pusuk Buhit. This is definitely a famous mountain in North Sumatra. According to the folklore, the mountain was the birthplace of Bataknese. It is quite sacred and majestic. Near to the mountain, you can find numerous attractions like Sigulatti Village and Aek Sipitu Dai spring. These become extras when you visit Boho. Make sure you visit all of them. You can either come alone or with your families.

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Boho Village. What you need is a comfortable vehicle. From Medan, you need to head to Sianjur Mula-mula District. The trip takes 2-3 hours. From here, you can directly visit the village. Some locals may help you to get around. A fluent Indonesian Language will be helpful here. Once you reach the village, you can enjoy numerous attractions. These include the lake, music instruments, local foods, hot spring, the mountain, etc. When it comes to accommodations, you can find some good resorts outside Boho.

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