Bukit Doa – the Prayer Hill of North Tapanuli

Indonesia has two references of Bukit Doa. The first one is located in North Sulawesi. The other is situated in North Tapanuli. If you conduct a vacation in North Sumatra, you should not miss Bukit Doa. It is an iconic tourist spot in Muara. The location is near to Toba Lake and it has the height of 1550 meters above the sea mean level. Most tourists come here due to its exotic scenery. From this location, you can see Toba Lake and nearby villages. The scene is quite stunning!

More about Bukit Doa
In the past, Bukit Doa was a wild forest. The locals were mostly a farmer. Today, it becomes one of the best attractions in North Sumatra. Since it is a new tourist spot, it requires more supports from both government and local people. The hill offers a calm and cold atmosphere. It is better not to visit it in the morning. It’s because of the thick fog, so you aren’t able to see the views clearly. When the weather is nice, you are able to see Toba Lake and Samosir Island plainly from the hill.

Actually, Bukit Doa is the part of Huta Ginjang Village. The villagers often come to the hill either for relaxing or selling items. They want to make some money by selling foods and souvenirs to visitors. This is a good thing. That means you are able to eat some snacks and drink fresh water while spending a good time in Bukit Doa. The best item is warm tea. It is a perfect beverage for those who visit Huta Ginjang. So, is the hill only famous for its calming atmosphere?

The thing is Bukit Doa has become a landmark of Muara District. Once you reach the location, you may see an iconic monument. It has the shape of praying hands. At the first time, you may get thrilled to see this majestic statue. Though, you won’t be able to refuse to take some pictures in front of the monument. The hill also features more than 20 praying rooms. Each of them has a clear window, so you can witness beautiful scenery ahead.

The best time to visit Bukit Doa is in December. Many Christians also come here during Christmas. Thus, you may expect lots of people at that time. The atmosphere is cold both in the morning and afternoon. Thus, you need to wear proper clothes when reaching the hill. As the name suggests, the hill is suitable for praying. Since it offers calm ambiance, you can pray comfortably here. It is also quite peaceful, so you can refresh your mind and soul.

How to Get There
From Silangit Airport, you can use a private or rented car. The destination is Huta Ginjang Village. The trip doesn’t take long and it is usually about 20-30 minutes. Though, it may take longer if you come from Medan or other cities. Once you reach the village, you can directly head to Bukit Doa. The best part is that you don’t need to buy a ticket. It is free! If you want to look for an accommodation, it is better to visit Tarutung. Many hotels are available there.

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