A Refreshing Vacation in Tambun Surlau, Samosir Island

Samosir Island has many types of attractions. If you visit North Sumatra, you must come to Tambun Surlau. This tourist spot definitely gives you a refreshing sensation. It is located in Onan Runggu District. Most tourists come here due to its natural bathing place. The water is clear and fresh. There are some public pools available so you can enjoy a good holiday here. Everyone can get rid of their stress in Tambun Surlau. Your family will be quite happy and you can give a good memory to them.

About Tambun Surlau
First, Tambun Surlau is located alongside Toba River. That means you can simply enjoy its beauty. The weather is quite nice during summer. There are some Bataknese traditional houses near to the lake. Behind it, you can see a green hill and some trees like coconut. This is a great scenery combination. The water is greenish and fresh. It offers a unique attraction to visitors. Not to mention you can do many things here. It is a simple as riding a boat and get around the lake.

Tambun Surlau is famous for its coffee. The name is Silintong Coffee. Actually, it is the origin of Humbang Hasundutan. Not only it is famous among the locals, the coffee is recognized worldwide. In fact, it is called as the best white coffee. It features strong flavor and low caffeine. It is suitable for everyone. Actually, it is distributed in all parts of North Sumatra. Onan Runggu District is not an exception. You can drink a flavorsome coffee while witnessing a beautiful lake. Isn’t this great?

Apart from the coffee, you can enjoy Bataknese traditional foods in Tambun Surlau. What you need to do is to find the right eatery. In fact, you can learn to cook the foods. Some locals are quite friendly. Some of the best foods are Kaccang Sihobuk, sasagun, and Ombus. In fact, there are other options. This vacation will be your opportunity to enjoy both beautiful nature and great foods. Moreover, there are nearby tourist spots as well.

Do you want more temptations? Onan Runggu District is not all about Tambun Surlau. That means you can visit other tourist spots. For example, there is Lagundi Sitamiang. It is actually an interesting campground and it features a cottage. Next, you can visit Hariara Na Bolon. It is a sacred banyan tree. Though, it is actually a combination of some small banyan trees. Another famous tourist spot in Onan Runggu is Bebas Sukkean Beach. It features white sand and calm water. After visiting Tambun Surlau, you shouldn’t miss these places!

How to Get There
From Medan, the trip takes about 6 hours. The distance is 248 km. You can choose your vehicle. Apparently, a rented car is the best choice. For your information, you will use Sidikalang-Medan Street. Your next checkpoint is Simbolon Purba Street. Once you reach Samosir Island, you can head to Onan Runggu. Tambun Surlau is situated near to mountains. When it comes to accommodations, the nearest hotel is JTS. Don’t forget to visit nearby tourist spots, as well.

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