Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall in Sianjur Mula-Mula District

Samosir is part of North Sumatra. It also becomes a nice vacation destination. There is a new tourist spot, as well. It is the Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall. It is situated in Urat Village, Sianjur Mula-Mula District. What makes it different from other falls? It has an unspoiled beauty! The locals work together to promote the waterfall, so it can attract more tourists. It features beautiful scenery, fresh water, and stunning rivers. It is also covered by rocky hills. Not to mention it is near to nearby attractions like Hobon.

A Hidden Beauty of Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall
Some people call Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall as the piece of paradise of Samosir. Due to its tourism potential, the local government tries to provide a better access to this tourist spot. The waterfall is covered by hills. Not to mention there are some plants wild plants and bushes. Most of the tourists are young people. The water is fresh and calm. You can simply sit on the stone and look at the falling water. It would give you an inspiration. Also, you may be amazed at its height.

Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall is considered a new attraction in Samosir. Some local people aren’t familiar yet with it. Also, not many people come here. It is because the location is quite secluded. Though, it offers an untouched beauty. It is a hidden gem of Samosir, so you should visit it someday. The best thing to do is to relax near to the waterfall. You can even play in the water. Though, you need to wear proper clothes and footwear. The stones can be quite slippery, especially in the rainy season.

The waterfall is a perfect background for photography. Therefore, you must carry a camera when visiting Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall. The location is isolated and it is covered by beautiful nature. Apart from the waterfall, you can also take some pictures nearby. These include the river, trees, hills, and much more. One thing, the place is quite shady. You must use the right camera features for the best results. If you come in groups, you can take beautiful selfies here.

Visiting Batu Hobon
As mentioned earlier, Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall is located near to Batu Hobon. Once you explore the waterfall, you should visit such tourist spot. It is situated in Pangururan. The locals consider it as a sacred place. Near to this sacred stone, you can see the Saribu Raja Statue. According to the story, this was the storage of Saribu Raja’s legacy. Both the waterfall and Batu Hobon are the main attractions near to Urat Village. These are worthy places to visit.

How to Get There
From Medan, you can directly head to Samosir. It will be faster if you go by taxi. The driver will help you to reach Urat Village. Once you arrive at the village, you can prepare your next journey. This time, you need to walk to reach the Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall. It requires good stamina, so you must be prepared. The trip takes about 1-2 km. Also, it is wise to carry some snacks or drinks.

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