Batu Basiha Sibodila – A New Attraction in Tobasa

Everyone is looking for a unique vacation. In North Sumatra, you should visit Sibodila one day. It is because there are many attractions here. The most famous one is Batu Basiha. It is actually a special stone of Batak Tribe. Due to its uniqueness, many tourists come to Sibodila to witness the stone directly. Local government is proud of the stone. It represents Batak’s culture and improves local tourism. Even though Basiha Stone is exceptional, some tourists haven’t been aware of it. What about you?

Two Versions of Batu Basiha
Most of the tourists want to know the history of Batu Basiha. According to local people, Basiha has the meaning of “wooden stone.” It derives from Batu Sian Hau, is the signature of Aek Bolon Village. You can see the stone by visiting Balige, Tobasa. Actually, it was the pile of woods. Local people wanted to build a traditional house of Batak using those woods. However, a lightning struck the pile and it turned into a stone. It sounds weird, but the story goes on.

Today, Batu Basiha becomes a symbol of local culture. It also attracts more visitors to Sibolda over time. Mostly, tourists come here to take some pictures of the stone. Some families also love to take selfies. If you are an artist, you can use the stone as an object for drawing. It will be a unique background or from the locals. A tour guide is able to help you regarding communication and exploration. It is important to hire one.

There is another reference, though. Batu Basiha also refers to an andesite stone. It is made naturally. The stone is composed by the magma cooling. It was created during the Kaldera Toba eruption. The magma cooled down and created a unique shape. Local government even proposed to UNESCO regarding the value of the stone. These two versions of Batu Basiha are quite interesting. You must see them directly when visiting Balige. Don’t forget to carry a camera!

Visiting Geopark Kaldera Toba
In Tobasa, you also need to visit Geopark Kaldera Toba. It is the place to see numerous types of minerals or stones. It is as famous as Batu Bahisa. Local government runs this as conservation. It protects rare items around the world, including Bahisa Stone. It also becomes the place to educate tourists. That means you should come with your kids. It is an opportunity to introduce the children regarding history, natural resources, and much more. This tourist spot also has significant economic benefits. Local government is able to earn income from it.

How to Get There
From Medan, you can directly head to Toba Samosir (Tobasa). There are numerous options for transportation. A rented car is recommended. The trip takes some hours, but it is fine. For foreigners, you need to hire a tour guide. He will help you get around Sibodila. The main attractions are Batu Bahisa and Geopark Kaldera Toba. Make sure you don’t miss them! One thing, you should prepare some items, especially a camera. Another important aspect is the money. The cost of the public transportation is cheap, though.

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