A Hill of Paradise in Tobasa

Some tourists consider Tarabunga Hill as the best vacation destination in Balige. It is a beautiful spot to spend a holiday in Tobasa. Most of the fans are nature lovers. They come here to enjoy rice fields and nearby scenery. It is just similar to that of Ubud nature. From the hill, they can also witness Balige City. The paddy fields often become the objects of photography. In order to take the best shots, they must come in the midst of the day. A thick fog is a bad news. That means they must not come in the early morning.

Local governments often conduct a photography contest before Toba Lake Festival. Only local people are allowed to participate. Though, tourists can join the festivals after they get the permission from the committee. Usually, the contest is held in April. Both amateurs and professionals are able to join this festive event. Even though Toba Lake becomes the prime object of photography, many skilled photographers choose the Tarabunga Hill as their object. Here is the tip for tourists or beginners. The best scenery comes from the top of the hill!

Apart from its beauty, Tarabunga Hill also features several tombs of Batak Toba people. The locals believe that a highland is able to escort the dead people’s souls to the heaven. They even call the hill as the path of paradise. It is true that Balige is made of highlands. The hill attracts more tourists every day. These visitors aren’t even afraid of the tombs. They consider these as part of tourist attractions in Tobasa.

What is near to Tarabunga Hill? Tourists can also explore nearby attractions. These include an iconic restaurant in Balige. It is called the floating café. The location is in Lumban Silintong. They can reach it easily from the hill. What’s more? Many other destinations are available like Lumban Silintong public bath, Sigura Sigura Waterfall, and a traditional market in Onan Balige. All of them make a great vacation!

How to Get There
Tarabunga Hill is easy to reach. From Balige City, tourists only need to follow the route to Tarabunga. It takes about 10 minutes. The hill is located 5 km away from Balige. If visitors come from Tampahan, the trip takes about 3 minutes. When it comes to accommodations, they can find it easily in Balige. Once they explore the hill, they can enjoy a great lunch in a floating café. It is situated near to Lumban Silintong.

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