Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall in Samosir Regency

Toba Lake becomes a major attraction in North Sumatra. If you go to Limbong Village, you can find another unique tourist spot. The name is Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall. The waterfall is famous for its solemn ambiance. It is a perfect place to retreat from busy life. The flow isn’t quite strong. Thus, it doesn’t make a noisy sound. The waterfall features a shallow pond. It is safe to swim. However, parents should take care of their kids. A careless act can lead to disaster. If you come with your kids, make sure you watch them right.

Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall and Nearby Attractions
The waterfall has a pure beauty. The height is about 30 meters and it features three levels of height. Once you reach the location, you can feel the cold sensation. It is because the waterfall is surrounded by some shady plants. It is quite uplifting. The sound of the water is relaxing. The only thing that matters is its facilities. You can’t find food stands and accommodations nearby. Due to this reason, you must carry bottled water and snacks when visiting the waterfall. You can buy these in Limbong Village.

Samosir holds many attractions. Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall is one of them. It is an extra attraction apart from Toba Lake. From here, you are able to witness the waterfall from afar. It is located inside the forest. It isn’t possible to reach the waterfall using a vehicle. The only way is by foot. Young people can easily head to the waterfall. If you don’t have good stamina, it is better to prepare some stocks like foods, water, medicines, etc. If necessary, you can hire a local guide.

Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall is located near to Limbong Village. You need to wear comfortable footwear and clothes. It is because the trip won’t be easy. In fact, it can be considered as trekking. Not to mention you may expect some thorns. In order to reach the waterfall easily, you should follow the flow of the river. This will lead you to the waterfall. Since you come with the guide, you won’t be lost. Don’t forget to pay a good amount of money.

Apart from Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall, you can also explore the village. Sianjur Mula-Mula holds nearby attractions. For instance, you can go to Pusuk Buhit. Next thing to do is to learn some local traditions. Batak Tribe has a unique culture. Not to mention you can enjoy their local foods. The best place to eat local delicacies is at a villager’s house. They like to make new friends. Thus, it is possible to come to their house and eat with them.

How to Get There
From Tomok Port, you may spend about 1 hour of a voyage. The destination is Pusuk Buhit. On the street, you may see a sign of Gereja Street. From here, you need to go left. It takes 10 minutes to reach the waterfall. In order to get closer to Limbong Sarimarihit Waterfall, you should walk through bushes. It takes 1 hour of walking. That means you need to park your vehicle near to the nearby house.

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