Exploring a Historical Place in North Sumatra – Bakkara

In North Sumatra, Tapanuli is a well-known region. It has an interesting history as well. Not to mention there is Bakkara. Local people call it the center of Batak Kingdom. It was a quite famous place back then, especially during Sisingamangaraja Dynasty. There were up to 12 kings who reigned in Bakkara. That means this region had witnessed the life of those royals of Sisingamangaraja. Today, tourists come to this place due to its historical value. The location is near to Toba Lake. It is surrounded by majestic hills and shady trees.

It is all about Nature
The best attractions in Bakkara are its waterfalls, rivers, and other nature spots. Most of the tourists come here to relieve their burdens. The solemn nature makes it quite comfortable and relaxing. There is a big river near to the village. The name is Aek Silang. It also becomes an interesting spot to visit. The water isn’t quite clear as it contains both clay and moss. If you want to see a clearer river, you need to visit Aek Simangira River. It is because the riverbed is covered by river stones.

Those rivers are quite important for the villagers. You can also enjoy the other nature spots in Bakkara. Apart from the rivers, you can witness the Toba Lake scenery and beautiful hills. The temperature is a little bit chilling, especially in the morning. You should wear proper clothes here. Next, there is a famous fountain called Aek Situo-tio. It is located adjacent to the river. Today, it becomes a public natural bath. You are able to enjoy the fresh water in the midst of the trees. In fact, the water is quite clear.

Bakkara also has some stunning waterfalls. There are both small and big falls. Each of them offers a unique beauty. For the best experience, you must head to Aek Sipangolu waterfall. It is the most famous fall in Bakkara. Local people consider it as a sacred fall. They even use the water to heal some diseases. For tourists, the waterfall offers fresh and clear water. You can even drink the water. Not to mention you are allowed to bring back the water to the hotel.

Another attraction in Bakkara is its culture. Local people often have abundant crops. Most of the villagers are farmers, after all. They also have a unique culture. If you want to witness the majestic Sisingamangaraja Palace, you should head to Lumbanraja. There are many interesting things here. In front of the Palace, you can find an ancient tomb that comes with Batak carving. Near to this location, you can also find the Siungkap-ungkapon stone. The rumor has it. The stone was used to predict the future, especially for predicting the crops.

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Bakkara. There are two different ways to visit this region. From Medan, you must pass through Siborong-borong. Your destination is Muara district. If you come from Sidikalang, you need to pass through Doloksanggul. The second option is considered more challenging. It features steep hills and cliffs. Though, the scenery is incomparable.

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