Aek Natonang Lake – A Sub-Lake of Pangururan

Toba Lake is the most famous tourist spot in North Sumatra. It is quite big and beautiful. The lake also features some islands and villages. The biggest island is Samosir and it has a small lake located in Pangururan District. The name is Aek Natonang. Local people often call it Sidihoni Lake. There aren’t many facilities nearby. Though, it helps you enjoy the nature perfectly. Since there are no local eateries, you should bring some snacks and bottled drinks. What are the best parts of the lake, actually?

Nature Tourism in Aek Natonang Lake
The lake is part of Toba Caldera. Aek Natonang’s size is about 105 ha. It has numerous benefits for both the locals and visitors. Importantly, it becomes the source of water. People use it for irrigation. It is because there are many farms located near to this lake. The water can reach about 1790 ha. Apart from that, the lake also becomes a center of nature tourism. People call it a lake over a lake. The others call it the daughter of Toba Lake.

Once you arrive at Aek Natonang Lake, you can feel a refreshing air and calm atmosphere. The lake features clear water and grassy landscape. You can also see beautiful hills and pine trees around it. In some parts of the lake, you may witness active villagers. They come from Tanjungan Village. Most of them are farmers so you can observe their daily routines in the farm. Moreover, you may expect some photographers and nature lovers during holidays. Just like you, they are visitors.

The only downside of Aek Natonang Lake is its accessibility. No worries. This weakness is covered by a beautiful trip. There aren’t many accommodations and facilities. You should not expect a luxury here. This location is suitable for nature lovers. Therefore, you must bring a good camera. If you are lucky, some buffalos come here for grazing. A herdsman often lead their buffalos near to lake as well.

Aek Natonang is indeed a great lure in Pangururan. Though, you can explore nearby charms as well. For instance, there is Aek Rangat. It is a public hot spring. You are able to feel the warm water and restore your stamina here. The location is about 3 km from Pangururan City. Next, you can visit Tano Ponggol Canal. It separates Sumatra and Samosir Island. In fact, it is still functioning. Another unique lure is Liberty Malau Statue. This famous statue was built to commemorate the struggle of local heroes during the revolution.

How to Get There
Aek Natonang Lake is located in Tanjungan Village. It takes 30 minutes from Tomok. If you come from Medan, the trip takes about 6-7 hours. The distance is approximately 200 km. You can access it using a car, a motorcycle, or other types of vehicles. The lane isn’t smooth as you can find many turns and lifts. You can witness numerous trees and farms during the trip, though. As for hotels, the nearest one is Toba Beach Hotel. It is located near to Samosir Botanical Garden.

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