HKBP Church in Parapat, North Sumatra

There are many types of vacation. One of them is pilgrim tour. North Sumatra can be a good destination for such kind of tour. It is because of the HKBP Church in Parapat. The church is situated in Simalungun Regency. In terms of appearance, it is quite majestic. It has been a place for praying among the Christians. Moreover, tourists often come here for a pilgrim tour. Another reason to visit the church is the location. It is located near to the most famous tourist attraction in North Sumatra, which is Toba Lake.

A Pilgrimage and Vacation Retreat to HKBP Church
HKBP Church holds a historical value. Due to this reason, some historians come to Parapat to learn about the church’s history. Actually, it has become the part of the influence of Christianity in Batak’s Land. HKBP stands for Huria Kristen Batak Protestan. It was a Christianity federation and it was built by Nomensen since hundreds of years ago. Not only it is available in Parapat, you can also find HKBP in other provinces. Apart from its history, tourists can enjoy its architecture. It represents the European architecture.

Even though HKBP Church applies a foreign architecture concept, it also features traditional designs. For example, there is a terrace. It is similar to Karo Tribe’s traditional house. The terrace represents the Christian Trinity. These include the Holy Spirit, Allah, and the Christ. The size of the church is about 1 hectare. Thus, it can accommodate both worshipers and tourists. It is suitable for those who want to conduct a pilgrim tour in North Sumatra. No wonder, most of the visitors are Christians.

HKBP Church becomes a perfect destination for pilgrimage. It has been part of the Christian culture in Parapat. Tourists are able to improve their spiritual quality by visiting such sacred place. It doesn’t have to be a long vacation. The tour can be done in less than 2 hours. It can also be either alone or group pilgrimage. However, it is better to go in groups. It is easier and safer, after all. In some cases, hiring a local guide is a good idea.

Why do tourists visit the HKBP Church? Well, each of them has a different reason. Mostly, it is because they want to stay away from busy life. They want to find peace and improve spiritual life. On top of that, they want to stay away from distractions. The church is suitable for tourists, especially the Christians. They can pray, meditate, or see the greatness of church’s architecture. Unfortunately, it is unwise to carry a camera here.

How to Get There
HKBP Church is located in Parapat district. To be exact, it is situated at Bukit Barisan 17 Street. From the airport, you can ride a taxi. The destination is Pematang siantar. You can take another public transportation here. The last destination is Parapat. The church is quite majestic, so you can find it easily. As an alternative, you can hire a local guide. He may help you get around Parapat and reach the church without hassles.

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