Simbolon Hot Spring in Samosir Island

Samosir Island and Toba Lake are two biggest attractions in North Sumatra. Actually, there are many other lures nearby. If you visit Palipi District, you can find a famous Simbolon Hot Spring. It is a natural hot spring. The locals use it for bathing. The location is about 3 km from Pangururan City. The sulfur water comes from the earth. Local people mix the hot and regular water. The purpose is to create warm and comfortable water. That means everyone is able to enjoy this hot spring.

About Simbolon Hot Spring
Simbolon Hot Spring quite an attraction. It is situated near to the mountain. The hot water comes from it. The sulfur water is definitely hot. Thus, local people mix it with fresh water in the pond. Tourists can use the pond for both relaxing and bathing. The water is warm. Not to mention the pond is located outdoor. You can enjoy it while witnessing surrounding set. The locals take advantage of the water for healing. It is common sense. Many people have recognized the benefit of hot spring.

The hot spring is often used for relaxing. You are able to reduce stress and tension. It is as simple as soaking in the pond for a few minutes. If you have arthritis, you should come here as well. The hot water may relieve the pain and tiredness. Not to mention it is able to deal with some skin and bloodstream problems. Simbolon Hot Spring also becomes the place for making new friends. You may expect many people here.

One thing, you should never use soap while bathing in hot spring. It is useless. Moreover, there are many other things to know. For instance, it is about the best time to visit. Most visitors come at night. On the other hand, it is not recommended to come in the morning. Why is that? It is not good for blood circulatory. Not to mention it may threaten obese people’s health. With these things in mind, you can enjoy the bathing comfortably.

A vacation in Palipi District is both fun and challenging. Apart from the hot spring, you have many other choices. Have you ever heard Batu Rantai? It is located in Mogang City. What is it, exactly? It is a chained rock. It has been there since the Dutch colonialism. Not only it is a historical tourist spot, the rock becomes a symbol of peace. According to the locals, there were many conflicts in Palipi back then. The rock also becomes a symbol of good government. Make sure you don’t miss this tourist spot.

How to Get There
Simbolon Hot Spring is situated in Palipi District. It is about 227 km from Medan. Without traffic, you can reach the district in 6 hours. The first destination is Bulu Tangkis Street. Next, you must follow Sidikalang – Medan Street. Next, you must head to Barusjahe Street. Once you reach Simbolon Purba Street, you should head to Gorat Pallombuan. From here, you can directly reach Palipi. The hot spring is situated in Pangururan. It takes a few hours to reach this location.

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