Astonishing Parapat Town in North Sumatra Province

It is true Toba Lake becomes the most popular tourist spot in North Sumatra Province. However, many other attractions reside in such region and one of them is called Parapat Town. It is located in the south part of the province, offering beautiful views of nature and interesting local traditions. It belongs to Girsang Sipanganbolon Sub-district and is inhabited by Batak Karo, Toba, Pakpak, and Siamlungun Tribe. The rest of villagers come from different ethnics like Sunda, China, Padang, and Java, though. This explains why Parapat has numerous cultures and traditions. No wonder, tourists become more interested in exploring all parts of Parapat City.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the town emits a peaceful ambiance. It is because the location is near to Toba Lake and many types of trees grow well there. Due to the richness of culture, the town has different types of architectures including churches, monasteries, and mosques. Not to mention traditional Batak houses are scattered all over the city. Despite the small size, Parapat is worth an exploration. Not to mention many types of facilities are available there, including restaurants and hotels. Tourists can also find local tour guide services easily, so they won’t get lost when exploring the town.

Exploring Parapat Town
Many beautiful spots are available in Parapat Town. For instance, there is Tanjung Sipora-pora, which resides in the west part of the city. In order to reach the location, tourists need to pass through a challenging route. Have no worries. It is quite rewarding. The site is famous for its majestic architectures! Many rustic colonial buildings are scattered in the location. These are the reminiscences of the Dutch colonialism, actually. The thing is some of them don’t come in a good condition. There is also a historical building, where the first president of Indonesia was exiled by the Dutch.

In the east part of Parapat Town, tourists can see unique buildings that apply the combination of modern, traditional, and tropical design. They can explore them all and take some pictures of those buildings. Plus, it is possible to learn a bit history of those structures. What’s next? It is related to its culinary. The town is famous for its signature dishes like Naniura, Lomok-Lomok, Dali, Lapet, Naniarsik, and much more! The best menu is definitely the local grilled fish. The locals also have numerous recipes regarding fish dishes. The best thing is tourists can enjoy all of them without spending too much money.

Next, it is time to learn about an urban legend called Batu Gantung. According to the locals, a couple ran away from their homes due to a forbidden relationship. They were chased by their family and fell into the sea. Instead of falling into the water, their body hung on the edge of the hill. Due to a mystical power, their bodies turned into stones!

Nearby Attractions

  • Toba Lake
  • Samosir Island
  • Batu Gantung

How to Get There
For those coming from Medan City, the trip takes about 3-4 hours as the distance is 176 km. They can take either public transportation services or a private car, actually. Once they reach Parapat, they can explore the town by an ojek service or other types of transportations.

Where to Stay

  • Niagara Hotel
  • Patra Jasa Resort
  • Inna Hotel
  • Pandu Lakeside Hotel

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