The Liberty Statue of Malau Samosir

When it comes to the Statue of Liberty, most of you think about New York. Well, Pangururan also has such kind of statue actually. It is located in Samosir Regency. Is it the same to that of New York? No, it is not. It has a completely different appearance and size. The statue was built to commemorate a spirit of local hero during the fight against the invaders in Samosir. He was a colonel and he came from Batak. This iconic statue is situated in the front gate of Pangururan City.

About Malau Liberty Statue
What makes it interesting? Some tourists are attracted by its historical value. Not to mention it becomes one of tourist attractions in Samosir. Malau Liberty Statue was inaugurated by Inal Siregar in 1992. At that time, he was the Governor of North Sumatra Province. Also, a veteran gave a signature to this statue. He was Manihuruk, an Indonesian Army veteran. Today, the statue becomes a lure to tourists, especially those who visit Samosir. Many local people come to this area in the afternoon. They want to enjoy a good time and hang out with friends.

Malau Liberty Statue is located in the midst of the city. That means everyone can easily access it. Some trees surround the statue, so it gives a shady ambiance to visitors. What about the appearance? It is not quite big. It is a man holding a sheathed sword. He wears a war costume and a hat. It quite represents a revolutionary soldier of 1945s. The statue stands on a pedestal. You can see the description of inauguration and signatures on it.

Usually, tourists take some pictures in front of Malau Liberty Statue. You can even learn a little bit history about this colonel. With the help of a tour guide, it is possible. What is next? Pangururan has other tourist attractions. Once you visit the statue, you can visit other interesting places nearby. For example, there is an open stage. It is located in the midsts of Pangururan City. It is the place for cultural and arts performances. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy seeing these attractions.

There are many nearby tourist spots. Apart from an open stage, you can visit a hot spring. It is about 3 km from Pangururan. Also, there is Samosir Island. It is the most famous attraction here. Next, there is Tano Ponggol Canal. It separates Sumatra Island and Samosir Island. The canal was built during the Dutch Colonialism. For those who love history, Malau Liberty Statue indeed becomes the main point when visiting Pangururan.

How to Get There
The trip takes 5-6 hours from Medan. It is about 208 km. If you drive a car, you need to pass through Sidikalang Street. Next, you need to head to Ajibata. From here, you should ride a ferry. Your destination is Tomok, Samosir Island. Once you arrive at the island, you can continue your trip to Pangururan. Malau Liberty Statue is situated in the midst of the city. You can easily reach it, for sure.

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