Samosir Island in North Sumatra

Samosir is one of the districts in North Sumatra. It is considered as a new district, after all. Today, tourists take advantage of Samosir Island for a vacation. It is situated in the midst of Toba Lake. It is actually a volcanic island. Tourists often come here to enjoy its beauty and unique atmosphere. The best tourist spot is Tuktuk. From Parapat, visitors can reach this point using a Ferry. Apart from Tuktuk, there are many other vacation spots. If you don’t have experience in visiting Samosir, you need to learn your options.

Exploring Tourist Spots in Samosir Island
First, there is Aek Natonang. It is located in Tanjungan Village. It offers a beautiful small lake along with the major lake of Samosir. Moreover, it becomes a good spot for relaxing. There is a small forest to visit as well. Once you visit Aek Natonang, you must go to Aek Sipitu Dai. It is situated in Sianjur Mula-Mula regency. You can find a water source. Local people call it a sacred fountain. The rumor has it. This spring is able to cure numerous diseases. There are about 7 springs nearby. Each of them has a distinct taste.

In Samosir, tourists can visit Simbolon. It is due to its hot spring. The location is in Palipi district. You can relax and enjoy the refreshing water. Simbolon is also suitable for a family vacation. Next, there is Aek Boras. It is famous for its Tatea Bulan fountain. It becomes an alternative so you can explore more tourist spots in Samosir. Another interesting fountain is Aek Liang. However, it features a unique cave. You are able to explore the cave freely. One thing, you must hire a local guide before entering the cave.

There are many things to do in Samosir. Never miss the chance to visit Pulo Pearung. You may witness a natural swamp that comes with wild plants. It is a stunning place to spend a vacation. Next, you must go to Pusuk Buhit. It is a suitable destination for a challenging trekking. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a beautiful scene of Toba Lake. It is also a perfect location for witnessing the sunrise. The location is near to Huta Ginjang Village. From the village, you should walk for about 500 meters.

Another attraction is the traditional Batak house. Local people call it Bolon. The house is made of woods and fibers. For your information, there are no nails used. You can take some pictures of this traditional house. There is also an opportunity to enter the house. Make sure you have obtained the permission from the owner. A local guide may help you to talk to the homeowner. What you need is some money to pay their service.

How to Get There
The first destination is Parapat city. You can reach it from Medan. It takes about 4 hours of driving. Once you reach Parapat, you need to look for a hotel. In the next morning, you may continue your trip to Samosir Island. Actually, you can take another route. From Medan, you should head to Kebanjahe, Dairi, and Pangururan.

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