Tongging Village is a Unique Tourist Spot in North Sumatra

Spending a vacation in North Sumatra is a worthy experience. The question is where you should go. Tongging Village becomes more popular recently. Not only it is located near to Toba Lake, but it also offers exotic scenery. The village is located in Merek region, Karo district. It lies about 40 km from Brastagi city. During your trip to Tongging, you may expect numerous plants and stunning hills. It will be a distinct experience for any tourists. Tongging is located on a hill. That means you can see the beautiful Toba Lake from above.

Many Attractions in Tongging Village
Tongging is famous for its farming. There are many rice fields as well as fish farms. The most popular fish species are Nile Tilapia and carp. In fact, most of the local people cultivate these fishes. You can meet these farmers in the village and they are quite approachable. If you want to relax, you can visit the Toba Lake. The water is refreshing so you can play near to it. There are some small boats nearby. You can rent it and explore the lake at will. From the boat, you may witness spectacular scenery with your family.

Getting around the lake is only the beginning. Next, there is a trekking adventure. Tongging Village is located near to Sipiso-piso Mountain. You can explore the mountain along with local people. It requires both stamina and experience. The mountain has the height of 1,400 meters. It is quite challenging for tourists. Those with adventurous spirit should never miss this opportunity. Another famous activity is paragliding. You can do this encouraging activity from the hill. Make sure you find a guide first. It should be a safe activity.

Tongging Village is also the home of Sidompak waterfall. It is situated near to the village so you can reach it easily. Another famous waterfall is Sipiso-piso. It is located a little bit further. Still, it is worth to visit. The water is fresh and the atmosphere is calming. Once you enjoy all of these attractions, you can go back to the village. It is the time to enjoy local culinary. The villagers have a signature dish, which is Arsik carp. In fact, the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation.

The village has a strategic location. It is suitable for witnessing beautiful scenery nearby. There are some amusing tourist spots nearby. These include the Toba Lake, waterfalls, and Sipiso-piso Mountain. These destinations attract more visitors over time. Many families, trekkers, adventurers, and local tourists come here for relaxing. Apart from the beauty, the village becomes the home of an interesting history. You can find some reminiscences of Silalahi kings in Tongging.

How to Get There
Tongging Village is located near to Medan. From Brastagi, you should take about 2 hours of driving. The distance is about 40-42 km. During the trip, you may see many leafy plants and shady trees. This will be a memorable trip for you. Once you reach Tongging, you should pay the entry fee. No worries. There are some local hotels. You can rent a room at an affordable price. Not to mention Tongging also features some local stands to buy snacks.

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