Visiting Tao Island in Simanindo, Samosir

Samosir has always become a great vacation destination. When you visit North Sumatra, you must take your time in Samosir. Not only it offers majestic Toba Lake, but it also has many attractions. For example, there is a hidden tourist spot called Tao Island. The other name is Malau Island. It is situated near to Simanindo. Even though it is not as popular as Samosir Island, Tao definitely has a distinct beauty. It attracts many visitors recently. That means you can visit more than one island in Toba Lake. Isn’t it great?

About Tao Island
Tao Island belongs to Simanindo District. That means you can reach the island from Simanindo City using a local boat in Samosir. The voyage takes about 10 minutes. In terms of size, the island is quite small. You can even get around the island by foot. It only takes 1-2 hours. When it comes to popularity, it is famous among the locals. Hopefully, more foreign tourists would come to this island. Here is the fact. In the past, it had been a famous tourist destination during the Dutch colonialism.

Once you arrive at Tao Island, you can find a resort hotel. It also features a restaurant. Here is the fact. The number of visitors isn't stable. Many people even call Tao as an inhabited island. Due to its serenity, it can be a perfect destination for a vacation retreat. The island gives a peaceful atmosphere to visitors. It gives you a unique sensation as if you are in another world. Have you ever watched Cast Away? Good. It feels similar to that movie.

The best thing to do is relaxing. The calm water of the lake gives you a soothing sensation. At noon, the water is quite warm. You can sit and relax near to the lake and enjoy the vast scenery ahead. It is true more people visit Samosir Island for a vacation. Though, Tao Island is another option to enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake. Even though it doesn’t feature many facilities, the island offers incomparable nature beauty. If you want to relieve your stress, the island should be your choice.

Next, you can enjoy fishing. It is better to bring your own fishing equipment, though. The peaceful lake will never fail to amaze you. Some storks often come to the beach, so they are going to be your companion while fishing. What about the food? You can either visit the restaurant or carry your own food. It is also possible to camp here. Though, not many people do it. They prefer a hotel room to camping.

How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, you can reach the Island from Simanindo City. The locals may help you to cross the lake and visit Tao Island. From Medan, you can choose different paths. It may pass through some areas like Parapat, Tomok, and Simanindo. As an alternative, you can use a different route. It passes through Tele and Pangururan. The trip usually takes about 45-50 minutes. It depends on the traffic and the vehicle you use.

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