Live Like the Locals at Lumban Gaol, Balige

A beautiful vacation should feature a unique and mesmerizing location. In Balige, there is Lumban Gaol. This region is famous for its beach. Many kids come here for swimming. However, it is not only for kids. The beach is quite shallow. Not to mention there are the locals watching. If you do not like swimming, you can simply relax near to the beach. For locals, the beach has become a meeting point. Usually, it is crowded during the fasting month. Muslims spend a few hours at the beach before they break the fast.

A Vacation in Lumban Gaol Beach
Lumban Gaol is located about 1.5-2 km from Balige. The best time to visit the beach is either in afternoon or the evening. The scenery is quite stunning. Also, most of the visitors are waiting for the sunset. It is quite romantic, isn’t it? The beach can be the place to meet new friends or bond with families. Some visitors even use the beach to find inspiration. They sit and relax near to the lake. It features solemn atmosphere, after all.

Lumban Gaol beach is as famous as Lumban Bulbul. Both of them are the part of Toba Lake. The size is also similar. Fortunately, tourists don’t need to pay for entering this location. The government even has provided ample facilities nearby. For Muslims, there are small mosques near to the beach. Another popular facility is the open stage. The locals use it for a traditional meeting. With all these attractions, tourists are able to enjoy a good vacation. Lumban Gaol should be as interesting as Lumban Binaga Beach, Lumban Silinton, and other nearby attractions.

Getting Closer to Batak Tribe in Lumban Gaol
It is true Lumban Gaol is famous for its beach. However, it also hides some gems. For instance, you can meet the Batak Tribe. You will be amazed how friendly they are. It is because local people have a traditional culture like Martarombo. It means they are always looking for new friends. In Lumban Gaol Village, you should witness the famous local fabric. The name is Ulos or Mangulosi. Not to mention there are different kinds of Ulos. Each fabric has a distinct function, after all. Some are used for a wedding. The others are used for funeral and other occasions.

Another unique culture of Batak Tribe is the traditional house. It is possible to witness some traditional houses in Lumban Gaol. The locals call their house “Rumah Panggung”. The most iconic characteristic is its door. The main door is quite low. It is because the guests should low themselves when entering the house. It is to show a respect to the owner. Not to mention the visitors should obey any local rules when visiting a traditional house of Batak Tribe.

How to Get There
From Jakarta, you should head to Silangit Airport in Balige. However, you can’t directly reach such airport. That means you need to reach the Batam Airport first. From Batam, you may continue your journey to Balige. The trip takes about an hour. The most common air transportation is Susi Airline. Once you reach Balige, you can take an ojek to reach Lumban Gaol.

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