Simalem Resort Park in Sidikalang, Tanah Karo

A vacation is a remedy for stress. Fortunately, there are tons of vacation destinations in this world. In Indonesia, you should visit North Sumatra. Aside from Toba Lake, the province becomes the home of hundreds of tourist spots. Have you ever heard Simalem Resort Park? It is the place to look for both an adventure and amusement. The location is in Sidikalang, Tanah Karo. The size of the park is about 205 hectare and it is suitable either for a relaxing or family vacation. Sometimes, students come here for a field trip.

Different Tracks in Simalem Resort Park
There are different tracks to explore the park. These include the tree hill, Tongging Point, Golf Track, and zoo. The first track is One Tree Hill. From the main gate, you should head to citrus orchard. The track is located near to the Wealth Fountain. From here, you are able to witness the beauty of the lake. In fact, it is the highest point of the park. It also offers a trekking track Twin Fountain. One thing, you should pay for this activity. Normally, it takes about 3 hours. You can buy the ticket from Kodon-Kodon Café. Make sure that you have prepared trekking footwear beforehand.

Next, it is Tongging Point. It features a plain and climb track. If you follow this path, you can find many attractions. These include Toba Café, Tongging Point, and the Pearl of Lake. Not to mention you can also visit the fruit house. All of them are interesting. You can do many activities like photography. Furthermore, there are some local accommodations. That means you can rent a room for resting. What about foods? You can visit Tongging Mart. It is the place for buying snacks and souvenirs.

The next option is the golf and shrine track. It is actually the last track in Fountain of Wealth. From the gate, you need to turn left. It heads to Biwa Garden. However, you shouldn’t have a huge expectation here. Why? There is nothing special. The track doesn’t feature any attractions. For many, it can be quite boring. Though, you can find a golf field and a shrine nearby. The temple is situated at the end of the track.

The last track is definitely interesting. It is because you can find an outbound field, flower garden, and a zoo. Actually, it is the most popular track in Simalem Resort Park. From the gate, you can find a pine forest. It is the best place for relaxing, after all. There are two paths to choose. The right path leads to the Fountain of Wealth. The left one is the main tourist point. There is also information booth. That means you aren’t likely to get lost.

How to Get There
Simalem Resort Park is located in Tanah Karo. From Medan, it takes about 3 hours. If you come from Tanjungbalai, you need to pass through Siantar. Not to mention it takes longer, which is about 5 hours. Once you reach Sidikalang, you can feel cold weather. It is similar to that of Berastagi. In fact, it is located near to Berastagi.

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