Piso Somalim Samosir is a Historical Tomb in North Sumatra

Samosir Island never disappoints you. It is because tourists are able to find many attractions here. For example, you can find Piso Somalim. The location is in Mogang City. That means you should reach Palipi Regency first. It is actually an old tomb. It is situated in Hatoguan Village. Not only it has a unique shape, but it also has an interesting story. The tomb has an important role, after all. The locals believe it as a symbol of unity. They also believe it as the charm to eradicate conflicts.

About Piso Somalim
Most of the tourists want to know about the tomb. The rumor has it. There are two references of Piso Somalim. The first one is located in Hatouan Village. Another tomb is situated in Balige. Well, each of them has a unique characteristic. In Hatouan, the tomb is small and unmaintained. On the other hand, Balige has a majestic tomb. It is higher and well-maintained. On the top of the tomb, you can see the cross and a sun-like carving.

A vacation to sacred places has become a new hit. Piso Somalim is an interesting tomb. If you come to Samosir Island, you should not miss it. Though, some tourists aren’t quite comfortable with it. They consider it a spooky place. Is it true? The best time to visit this tomb is at noon. That means you should not come here in the night. It is common sense. Since there are two locations, you can visit them one at a time.

Even though Piso Somalim is an open tourist spot, you shouldn’t be careless when taking a visit. It is a sacred place, after all. Any visitors should show respect the tomb. If necessary, you must talk to the villagers. They may tell you how to behave near to this location. Also, it is better to come with a local person. He helps you act like a native. Not to mention you can get around easily by using his guide. Don’t forget to pay him, though.

Once you enjoy exploring Piso Somalim, it is time to visit other attractions. Palipi Regency holds many tourist spots. For instance, you can find Maria Statue. The other places are Maruta Limang and Simbolon Hot Spring. All of them are worth a visit. In order to get around, you should use a public transportation. No worries. It doesn’t cost much money. A camera is an important requirement. When it comes to accommodations, you can find some hotels nearby. Not to mention you can try some local foods. They are so good!

How to Get There
Piso Somalim is situated in Palipi Regency. From Medan, it is about 252 km. The first destination is Sei Deli Street. You can reach it by following Guru Patimpus Street. Next, you should head to Limau Manis It takes about 30 minutes. Your next destination is Seribu Dolok. The trip takes about 2-3 hours. From here, you should visit Gorat Pallombuan for about 137 km. The last destination will be Palipi. From here, you can look for the tomb. Make sure you know the location.

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