Exploring Muara District – Janji Waterfall

North Sumatra holds numerous vacation destinations. In Muara District, you can find Janji Waterfall. It is located in Humbang Hasundutan, Siborong-Borong. The location is quite near to the Toba Lake. There are some stones beneath it. The water flows directly into the lake. The waterfall is also surrounded by hills and trees. The height is about 25-28 meters. Well, it can’t beat Sipiso-piso waterfall in terms of height. One thing, it has astonishing beauty. It is suitable for families, groups, couples, and or everyone.

About Janji Waterfall
Even though Janji Waterfall is surrounded by wilderness, you can find a small parking lot. It can accommodate both motorcycles and cars. The waterfall doesn’t have much space for visitors. Though, you can simply sit and enjoy the beauty of the falling water. For a more comfortable experience, you can buy some drinks and snacks. It can be a good family vacation for everyone. No worries. There is a local “Warung” near to this tourist spot. On top of that, you can visit the waterfall freely. There is no entry fee at all.

Once you reach Janji Waterfall, you can witness numerous hills. The scenery is quite stunning. The waterfall features fresh and clean water. Not to mention there are ponds for tourists. Men and women should use the different pond, though. The ponds feature natural showers. You can feel the fresh water and enjoy the nature beauty at once. However, you shouldn’t take direct shower coming from Janji Waterfall. It is indeed quite dangerous. If you come with kids, make sure to watch them carefully.

Janji Waterfall is also famous for its history. You should learn the story from local people. This location is related to the most famous Batak King, Sisingamangaraja. The waterfall was the place for taking an oath. The kings of Batak took their oath here before they went to the war. The local name of the waterfall is Sampuren Janji. Janji means “oath”, while Sampuren means “waterfall”. Combined together, it means the waterfall of the oath. With this in mind, you can mimic the story and take an oath like a brave soldier near to the waterfall.

Visiting Nearby Attractions
Near to Janji Waterfall, you can explore some tourist spots. These include Simamora and Sibandang Islands. Sibandang is the next biggest island in Toba Lake. Once you visit Janji Waterfall, you can visit the island. The most iconic thing in Sibandang is the mangoes. As an alternative, you can visit Simamora Island. It is famous for its beauty. Since it is an inhabited island, you can’t find many people here. The island is suitable for those who love photography.

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Janji Waterfall. You only need to head to Bakti Raja Muara District. During the trip, you can see beautiful hills and Toba Lake. Once you reach the location, you need to take a walk. No worries. It doesn’t take much time. The waterfall is also situated near to other tourist sites. These include Tipang Village and a floating restaurant. Overall, this will be an amazing vacation for you and your family.

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