Simbolon as a Tourist Village in Samosir

Samosir is part of North Sumatra and it is a valuable tourist destination. Apart from its Toba Lake, it has beautiful villages. Have you ever heard Simbolon? It is a stunning village in Samosir. The location is in Palipi District. Not to mention it is one of the coastal villages in such famous island. The landscape is quite amazing. You can do many things in Simbolon Village. For those who love serenity, it becomes a great vacation retreat during holidays. It also becomes a conservation travel destination for you.

Things to Do in Simbolon Village
Simbolon Village promotes the beauty of Samosir. It can be a major lure for tourists, especially foreigners. Visitors can do interesting things like planting flowers, farming, enjoying the beauty of rice fields, eating local foods, spending time with locals, and visiting nearby tourist spots. The village also features some souvenir stands. You can buy Batak’s traditional items like wood carving, ulos fabric, and much more. Since there are many unique items, you must prepare lots of money. Importantly, you must know how to bargain.

Simbolon Village has some accommodations. It is good news. There are also some local eateries. On top of that, the locals may rent you a bicycle or motorcycle. That means you can get around the village riding such it. Do you want more? You can spend your money to visit some exclusive hotels. This way, you are able to do interesting water sports like water biking, jet skiing, canoeing, and much more. Don’t forget to carry your camera! You need to take some pictures in those moments.

A vacation in Simbolon Village gives you an opportunity for an adventure. You are able to explore it by a bicycle. Walking around the village is a good idea as well. One thing, the temperature can be quite cold here. At night, it is better to wear warm clothes. Another attraction is the story of Simbolon Clan. You can learn their history from villagers. In this case, make sure that you have hired a tour guide. He helps you talk to the locals.

Another attraction in Simbolon Village is its culinary. Local foods are always tempting. For example, there is Lampet Cake. It is made of red sugar, grated coconut, and rice flour. It is sticky and sweet. The cake is a perfect partner for a cup of warm tea. You can enjoy this by witnessing the beauty of nearby nature. There is also Gomak Noodle. Not to mention it can be served in numerous forms. These foods are only the examples. It is because you can try other Batak specialties in Simbolon.

How to Get There
From Medan, your destination will be Samosir Island. Not only it takes a land trip, but it also requires you to cross the lake. No worries. You can ride a ferry. It doesn’t cost much money, though. During the voyage, you can see surrounded scenery from the ship. Once you reach Samosir, it is time to ride a public transportation. A car is the best choice. As an alternative, you can rent a motorcycle. It doesn’t take much time to reach Simbolon Village. Overall, the whole trip takes about 5 hours from Medan to this location.

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