A Nature Retreat in Desa Limbong, North Sumatra

North Sumatra and Toba Lake are inseparable. Though, that doesn’t mean you only one vacation destination. In Samosir, you can find many stunning villages. Recently, Limbong Village attracts lots of visitors. What is good about it? First, it features many nature beauties. These include Toba Lake, hills, mountains, shady trees, and much more. Next, it offers many vacation spots. Once you reach Limbong, you have many options to do. It can be as simple as relaxing near to the lake. In a nutshell, the village gives you a calming atmosphere.

Visiting Famous Attractions in Limbong Village
Samosir is part of paradise. It offers many beauties like Limbong Village. From here, you are able to enjoy the beautiful setting of Toba Lake. The village also features many tourist spots. Have you heard Efrata Waterfall? It is one of Limbong’s attractions. It is actually a hidden waterfall and it is situated between the hills. However, you must spend much time to reach this beautiful attraction. The path isn’t quite smooth, after all. No worries. It will be a worthy adventure.

Limbong Village can be a great landscape for photography. Therefore, you should bring your camera. The rice fields and shady trees are great objects. Make sure that you talk to the locals regarding some hot spots in Limbong. They may guide you with it. If you aren’t able to reach some spots for photography, you can utilize a drone. The result will be better as you can reach difficult spots or objects. As an alternative, you can take pictures from a higher land. It gives you better results, for sure.

The next attraction in Limbong Village is Aek Sipitudai. It is considered as a sacred place. Local government even makes it a religious tour destination for everyone. Not to mention you can learn some mystical stories from the locals. What is Aek Sipitudai, actually? It is a fountain, which has different tastes. Local people give a huge respect to the fountain because it is the natural inheritance of Batak’s folklore. The location is beneath Pusuk Buhit Mountain. Not to mention the mountain is considered sacred.

What’s next? It is the local culinary. Make sure you try some traditional foods of Batak. One of them is Dengke Mas Na Niura. It is actually local carp. Bataknese uses a secret recipe to make a tasty and flavorsome raw carp. That means it doesn’t undergo any cooking process. It becomes one of the best foods in North Sumatra. In Limbong, you can eat it in local eateries. If you are lucky, you will be invited by the locals for dinner.

How to Get There
Limbong Village is located in Samosir Island. That means you need to cross Toba Lake in order to reach Limbong. From Medan, you can use a car or a public bus. The trip to Samosir also features a boat. That means you need to pay the ferry. Limbong has many tourist spots. If you have no references, you can hire local people as a guide. Though, you need to prepare some money for it.

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