Getting Around Tobasa and Its Bukit Senyum

Bukit Senyum is part of Tobasa district. It is indeed a unique vacation destination among local and foreign tourists. It can be another great tourist spot in North Sumatra. It is true most tourists only recognize Toba Lake. Though, Bukit Senyum Motung is also a good idea. It is located on the highland near to the lake. It is also near to Ajibata port. Since it is located on the hill, you should spend much energy. Not to mention you should walk about 100 meters to reach this location.

Enjoying the Attractions in Bukit Senyum
Bukit Senyum has the meaning of “a Smiling Hill”. It was the home of the Sisingamangaraja 18th. Most of the tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of nature. There is also a small airbase nearby. It is located in Sibisa Village. Thus, the name is Sibisa Airport. It is a deserted place, so tourists can do nothing here. According to history, this airport was used by Soekarno to visit Samosir. It was a long ago before the presence of Silangit Airport.

After all, the main attraction in Bukit Senyum is its nature beauty. The best time to visit this place is during the dusk. You can witness the stunning sunset from the hill. The hill is also crowded at night. Many people can see the sparkling lights from above. Not all people have heard about Bukit Senyum. It is because the government hasn’t done a thorough promotion. It actually has the potential to be an icon of Tobasa and Ajibata.

Ajibata is recognized as the center of trades. There are numerous villages nearby. These include Horsik, Sirukkungon, Sibisa, and much more. It is because Ajibata is located in a strategic area. It is also the home of calm beaches and a lake. There are many tourism opportunities. Everyone can enjoy a beautiful vacation here, especially in Bukit Senyum. The most crowded time is during holidays. It is usually between July and August. Make sure you have chosen the right schedule to visit Ajibata.

Bukit Senyum isn’t only famous for its scenery. You can do many things like water sports, explore village, eat local culinary, and much more. Though, there aren’t good hotels around. It is better to look a hotel it Medan. You only need to visit the hill in the next day. Fortunately, foreign tourists also have recognized Bukit Senyum. Some of them decide to visit it during holidays. They also want to learn some local traditions in Sibisa Village and other nearby villages. Not to mention the foods are quite good.

How to Get There
In order to reach Bukit Senyum, you need to head to Ajibata. Once you reach Parapat Ajibata, you may head to Tenda Biru. There is a small bridge here, and you need to go left. Next, you may find a big house. From here, you need to go right. Only a motorcycle can access this area. Don’t forget to ask permission from the Oppung (the elderly). Local people may guide you to reach Bukit Senyum. It is better to learn a little bit about the Indonesian Language. As an alternative, you can hire a local guide.

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