The Uniqueness of Hutaginjang – A Vacation Retreat Near to Toba Lake

Hutaginjang is recognized as a famous tourist spot in North Sumatra. Sijaba Park is one of its attractions. Actually, it was a wild forest. In 1993, the government opens it for public. That means tourists are able to enter this location at will. The location is in Muara district. It is within North Tapanuli regency. Actually, it is situated a little bit far from Medan. You should spend about 6 hours to reach Hutaginjang. No worries. It is a worthy vacation. Once you reach Hutaginjang, you can do many things.

Great Things in Hutaginjang
Hutaginjang is located near to Toba Lake. In the hillside, there is an iconic statue. It has the shape of praying hands. There are also some rooms for worshipping. Visitors can use the room to get closer to the God. The solemn ambiance makes it a great place for praying. The rooms also feature a transparent window. That means you can look at the nearby scenery from inside. This location definitely helps you find a peace. It is the place to let your burdens go.

There are many attractions in Hutaginjang. Apart from its solemn hillside, it also offers an extreme sports activity. Many tourists come here to try paragliding. It is a challenging activity. Only brave people love it. It requires both guts and skills. With a proper instruction, you can join this unique sports activity. Even beginners are allowed to try this. It is an experience. The view from the sky is quite stunning. It also improves bravery. On top of that, both men and women can enjoy it.

Another attraction is the beauty of Toba Lake. It becomes the place for gathering, especially during the holidays. Near to the lake, there are several hills. These are quite perfect for relaxing. Thanks to the refreshing atmosphere. Most of the tourists come to the hills either in the morning or the afternoon. They are waiting for the beautiful sunrise or sunset. There are also many pine trees nearby. With these nature attractions, everyone can find a delightful experience here. What a great place for chilling out!

Hutaginjang and Sijaba are close to each other. Visitors shouldn’t miss these locations. There are many reasons to go to Hutaginjang, after all. Apart from the paragliding and Toba Lake, you can witness beautiful pine trees. If you are lucky, you can find some animals like warthogs, monkeys, eagles, and much more. Due to this reason, it is better to carry a camera. There are many great objects nearby. The best background will be the Toba Lake. The pine trees aren’t bad idea, actually.

How to Get There
Hutaginjang is situated in North Tapanuli. You can either come from Siborong-borong or Humbang Hasundutan. One thing, the trip won’t be comfortable. It is because Hutaginjang is located on the highland. You may expect steep rises and bumpy roads. No worries. The government has provided some facilities nearby. Once you arrive at the location, you can find local food stands and hotels. To get around, you don’t even need a vehicle.

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