Witnessing Amazing Scenery in Pusuk Buhit, Samosir

Samosir holds many interesting tourist spots. Have you ever heard Pusuk Buhit? It is situated in the west part of Toba Lake. When you spend a vacation to the lake, you should not miss it. It is actually an active volcano. The height is about 1980 meters above mean sea level. The mountain is surrounded by several villages like Sianjur Mula-Mula, Samosir, and Pangururan. Today, it becomes an interesting vacation destination in North Sumatra. Why is that? It is famous for its urban story. According to Batak myth, Pusuk Buhit was the birthplace of Batak Tribe.

Trekking to Pusuk Buhit
There are many things to do in Pusuk Buhit. For instance, you can visit Tele Tower. It is a perfect place to witness the beauty scenery of Toba Lake. There are other interesting spots nearby. These include Aek Sipitu Dae, Hobon Stone, and much more. You should never miss them. One thing, the most famous activity is trekking. Almost all visitors want to explore and reach the summit of the mountain. Thanks to its beautiful and solemn atmosphere. Trekkers can enjoy an amazing experience here.

Pusuk Buhit is surrounded by villages and hills. Do you love nature? Good. You won’t get disappointed here. Since there are many spots to enjoy, the trekking may take much longer than you think. Usually, visitors need to spend about 5 hours to reach the summit. Once you arrive at the top of Pusuk Buhit, you can enjoy nature sceneries like the sunset, sunrise, Toba Lake, etc. Not to mention it is considered as a sacred site. You can even feel a mystical atmosphere here.

As mentioned earlier, the mountain is also famous for its history. The rumor has it. It was the origin of Batak Tribe. The locals believe that Pusuk Buhit was the birthplace of the King of Batak. You can learn the story from the villagers. Thus, you should be able to talk locally. Here is an idea. You can hire a local guide. He will help you talk to villagers. Not only he becomes a tour guide, but he also becomes an interpreter.

If you come to Pusuk Buhit for trekking, you must know the track. There are two paths, actually. First, you can start from Huta Ginjang Village. Another option is Aek Rangat Village. Most of the tourists choose the first path, though. It is also suitable for beginners. The path is easy. Moreover, it features numerous tourist spots. Even though it is possible to ride a motorcycle, it can only reach the midst of the mountain. From there, the next journey will be by foot. Due to this reason, you need to be in a good shape prior to visiting Pusuk Bukit.

How to Get There
From Medan, you need to head to Karo and pass through Tele Tower. Your destination is Pangururan. From here, you can directly go to Huta Ginjang Village. As an alternative, you can head to Simalungun pass through Tomok Village. Once you reach the summit, you will be amazed by its beauty. The Toba Lake is visible from here. The lake reflects the sky and it is quite mesmerizing! That means your tiring journey gets paid instantly.

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