The White Sand Beach in Hutabolon Village – Parbaba

When it comes to a beach vacation, most of the tourists choose tropical countries like Indonesia. In North Sumatra, you can find Parbaba Beach. It is located in Hutabolon Village, Panguruan. The beach features calm water and white soft sand. One thing, it is not a coastal beach. Instead, it is the part of Toba Lake. What about its beauty? Well, it is as astonishing as that of the sea. It is a beach on the lake and it has attracted many visitors over time. Most of them come from Medan, Pematang Siantar, and nearby cities.

Enjoying a Wonderful Vacation in Parbaba Beach
The best accommodations are situated in Tuktuk Siadong. From there, you can reach the beach by a public transportation. What makes Parbaba Beach famous? As mentioned earlier, it features stunning white sand. Apart from that, it offers refreshing atmosphere. The waves aren’t strong, and the wind is calming. Tourists are able to sit and relax nearby while witnessing the beauty of the scenery. The beach is located in a mountainous area, after all. It is a flawless place for relaxing.

Parbaba Beach also features many enormous trees. That means tourists can relax under these shady trees. As for the background, there is the well-known Pusuk Buhit Mountain. It can be a great object for photography. It is also suitable for those who love drawing. In a nutshell, the beach is famous for its calm and beauty nature. Many visitors want to play near to the water. They also love the soft and white sand. Some of them would like to lie down on the beach, as well.

Beach volley also becomes an interesting thing to do in Parbaba Beach. Since the government pays a good attention to the beach, many competitions are held here. Tourists also have the chance to watch some volleyball matches. In fact, they can join them. For those who don’t love sports, they can simply enjoy stunning scenery nearby. It is because the beach comes with some facilities like local cottages and toilets. On top of that, the lake water is calm. It is possible to do many water sports like swimming, riding a banana boat, etc.

Parbaba Beach is located near to numerous facilities. It is easy to find a restaurant and local eateries. The best local food is Napiandar chicken. Actually, it is one of the traditional foods in North Tapanuli. Usually, the locals only cook it during special events in their village. One thing, it features chicken blood and Batak’s pepper. Some people will be terrified eating this food. Though, the others would definitely love it.

How to Get There
From Medan, tourists should directly head to Tobasa. Once they reach Samosir, they can use an ojek. Parbaba Beach is easy to find, after all. There is even a street sign. If they come from Tomok Village, it takes about 1 hour. The destination is Hutabolon Village. The trip will be quite comfortable. The street has been paved and tourists can enjoy beautiful views along the way to the beach. This includes the stunning Toba Lake.

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