Batu Hobon as Batak’s Valuable Cultural Heritage

Samosir Island has a distinct beauty. It attracts families, photographers, couples, foreigners, and any types of tourists. With its rich culture, Samosir becomes a potential vacation destination. It is also rich in history. One of the best attractions is Batu Hobon. What is it? It is a place to store some reminiscences of Batak King. Tourists consider it as a museum/box. Regardless of the purpose, it has been attracting more visitors to Samosir. You can even learn a history from it.

About Batu Hobon
Batu Hobon is located in Limbong Village. It is the part of Sianjur District and Samosir Regency. It is actually has a good access. Everyone can reach it easily. Thanks to the street signs. The main attraction is the story behind it. According to the locals, Batu Hobon was given by King Uti. The purpose was to store Bataknese’s wealth. These include musical instruments and relics. Also, it is said that the museum becomes the house of Lak-Lak. It is a kind of holy book and it teaches local values of Batak culture.

There are numerous types of items stored in Batu Hobon. You can even find Pagar. It is an ancient potion to repel diseases. The other items are a sacred sword (Piso Solom Debata), a magical ring (Tintin Sipajadi-jadi), and much more. All of them are stored safely in the museum. It is likely local people take a good care of this place. They believe more visitors may come here in the near future. It is also possible to take some pictures of these items. Make sure you have had the permission.

The rumor has it. King Uti remains in this world and he will take back these items someday. Not all tourists believe this folklore, but it is a worthy story to know. It is also said that no one can open the storage. It may open someday when Batak Tribes need a stronger reason to unite. Not to mention Batu Hobon is located near to “Rumah Kesaktian Si Raja Batak”. That means you can also visit this tourist spot easily.

Batu Hobon is suitable for families and historians. If you come with your kids, you can teach them about the value of this place. What’s more? The museum is situated near to stunning scenery. In fact, it is surrounded by green meadow. What a soothing atmosphere! Also, it is enclosed by hills. No wonder, the temperature is refreshing. Once you explore the museum, you can simply sit outside and enjoy the breeze of the wind and the beauty of nature.

How to Get There
Batu Hobon is located in Limbong Sagala Village. From Medan, you need to head to Sianjur Mula-Mula. If you don’t have a private car, you can use public transportation from Samosir. It takes about 2-3 hours. You shouldn’t expect many tourists here. Batu Hobon isn’t quite popular among foreigners. Most of the visitors are locals and nearby tourists. You don’t even need to pay the entry fee. It is better to come with families or friends, so you can share your experience.

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