Visiting Sibandang Island – Another Famous Island in North Sumatra

North Sumatra hides some beautiful tourist spots. Apart from Toba Lake, you can visit other stunning places. For example, there is Sibandang Island. In terms of size, it is smaller than Samosir Island. Actually, it belongs to North Tapanuli District. Once you reach the island, you may see many mango trees. No wonder, local people call it Mango Island. Not to mention it becomes a great producer of mangoes. Most of the mangos in North Sumatra come from this island, after all. The fruit is sweet and fresh.

Things to Do in Sibandang Island
What makes Sibandang Island special? Tourists are able to enjoy the beauty of Toba Lake from a different point of view. The shorelines feature natural rocks, so you can walk on it while enjoying the beauty of the water. The island has a similar shape to a swimming goldfish from above. You can witness it from Huta Ginjang hill, too. Usually, tourists come to the island during the evening. The solemn of the night is quite satisfying. There is an opportunity to go fishing. There are different types of fish like Tilapia and Pora-Pora.

Aside from its beauty, Sibandang Island also has a unique village. It is Papande Village. You can learn and explore the historical heritage of Rajaguguk clan. It was the place for meeting. If you come at the right time, you can join a local event. It is a fruit party. Usually, it happens during a harvest time. The major fruit is definitely mango. This party helps local people to get along well with each other. This definitely becomes an interesting event to enjoy.

Sibandang Island has a significant value of tourism. Even though it doesn’t have a big size, the island is beautiful. It is surrounded by trees and stunning scenery. The best attraction is undeniably the mango trees. It also features solemn and fresh atmosphere. Today, the government gives a lot of efforts in improving the facilities in Sibandang. The aim is to attract both local and foreign tourists. The island also becomes the home of several famous clans. It is an opportunity to learn some local cultures.

Overall, Sibandang Island is a perfect place for relaxing. That means you can simply enjoy the breeze of the wind in the shorelines. However, you should enjoy other attractions. There are some boats nearby. You can rent them to get around the island. In the morning, you can meet local people in Papande Village. They have some interesting activities to witness. It is also possible to reach them.

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Sibandang Island. You can use a speedboat from different routes. These include the Nainggolan, Balige, and Muara Port. From Balige, you need to take about 2 hours of a voyage. It can be done by a speedboat. Once you reach the island, you may expect some local people nearby. They come from different clans such as Simaremare, Rajagukguk, Oppusunggu, and Siregar. In order to avoid difficulties, you can hire a local guide to get around the island.

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