A Unique Vacation in Motung Village, Tobasa

Each person has a different preference when it comes to a vacation destination. In North Sumatra, Tobasa is a good tourist spot. It features many attractions and villages. One of them is Motung Village. It is an interesting village in Tobasa. Not to mention it has been developing well over time. Due to its stunning scenery and solemn ambiance, more tourists are interested in coming here. The locals try to make Motung as a valuable tourist village. It comes with rich culture and culinary. Plus, it offers mesmerizing nature views.

Visiting Motung Village
Motung Village is also famous for its accessibility. Tourists can easily visit the village, regardless of their origin. The other qualities are the attractions and accommodations. As mentioned before, Motung offers beautiful nature scenery. There are also some local hotels, so you can relax and sleep comfortably during the vacation. Importantly, you should find a reason to visit the village. Most of the time, it is about relaxation. The village becomes the best place to get rid of your stress.

In terms of temperature, Motung Village shares a tropical heat. It is not a problem, though. You can carry bottled water when taking an adventure in Motung. Moreover, you can find some local eateries. For foreigners, it is a little bit difficult to communicate with the locals. It is better to hire a tour guide, so he can also be an interpreter. Overall, you must be prepared. It is also important to know what you are going to do. Apart from its beauty, Motung offers many charms.

There is a famous activity in Motung Village. It is buffalo body painting. As the name implies, the locals may paint on buffalos’ body. It is a kind of art. This unique event is done in Bukit Senyum. Actually, it is one of the methods to attract more visitors to Motung. The participants vary. Even kids can join it. Mostly, the artists apply Batak’s art style to their painting. These include Gorga, Ulos, etc. As a tourist, you should never miss this event. Make sure that you know the schedule before coming to the event.

Once you explore Motung Village, you can take another adventure to nearby tourist spots. The best one is Bukit Senyum. It is a location for enjoying the beautiful scenery of Toba Lake. From the hill, you can witness the vast Ajibata City. Not to mention you are able to see Samosir Island. Both the village and the hill have become the pride of Motung. Tourists won’t get bored here. That’s for sure.

How to Get There
Actually, it won’t be difficult to reach Motung Village. What you need is a comfortable vehicle. From Medan, you can directly head to Tobasa. If you come from Ajibata, it is about 7 km. The village is located near to Bukit Senyum, so it is accessible for tourists. Motung has a rich culture. No wonder, many people often come here. The only issue is related to the accommodation. It takes a little work to find a good hotel near Motung.

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