Aritonang Monument in Muara, North Tapanuli

Muara becomes a popular vacation destination, recently. It offers both unique culture and beauty. There is also an iconic landmark called Aritonang Monument. It becomes a symbol of culture richness. Local government wants to make it as an interesting tourist spot near to Toba Lake. Also, the monument acts as a symbol of clan unity. It represents the harmony between numerous clans such as Rajaguguk, Oppusunggu, and Tuan Simare. In fact, all these clans were involved during the construction of the monument.

How famous is the Aritonang Monument?
Today, Aritonang Monument attracts more tourists. It is the pride of Aritonang clan. Visitors are able to take a close look at this majestic monument. It is located on the hill. That means tourists can even notice it from afar. The monument features a white color and a unique shape. The height is about 30 meters. The top of the monument is similar to a peeled banana. The monument has more than 2 feet. The levels represent the clans, which are Tuan Simare, Oppusunggu, and Rajaguguk. It shows how solid the local society is.

Apart from its meaning, the Aritonang Monument also holds a unique history. Tourists are attracted to it. Visitors can learn the value of the monument from the locals. The monument was built for many reasons. One of them is to respect the ancestors. It also becomes a symbol of self-reflection. It teaches how people should get along well with each other and praise the God. Overall, these values of the monument become a unique attraction for tourists. It is also the part of Aritonang culture, after all.

Tourists also come to Aritonang Monument for photography. Some professional photographers would love to take some pictures of the monument. They consider it as a unique object. The thing is there are numerous ideas for photography. Mostly, tourists take selfies in front of the monument. They can also add some effects to it. As long as there is no rain, the monument is suitable for photography. They don’t have to be a professional photographer. Even beginners can take advantage of the monument as their object.

Another activity is drawing. Some tourists come to Aritonang Monument for relaxing. They simply sit near to the monument and draw it in their sketchbook. It is a wonderful monument, after all. Only foreign visitors are attracted to do this. They want to see and explore the details of the monument directly. It helps them grow better skills in drawing. Regardless of the purpose, more visitors come to the monument. Muara will definitely become a new famous tourist attraction in North Tapanuli.

How to Get There
Aritonang Monument is located in Aritonang or Dolok Ambar Village. It actually belongs to Muara district. From Medan, you should take a public transportation. It takes about 2-3 hours of driving. The best choice is a rented car. It is recommended to hire a local driver. He will help you get around the village and visit the monument. One thing, you must prepare more money to pay the driver.

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