Paragliding in Partukko Naginjang, Martahan Janji Village

A vacation should be unforgettable and interesting. If you visit North Sumatra, you must go to Martahan Janji Village. There is a famous spot called Partukko Naginjang. What is it, exactly? Many tourists recognize it as the best place for outdoor activities. It is the landing point for paragliding activity. Most of the visitors come from Harian Boho District. However, it has been attracting many tourists from other cities. Sometimes, foreigners also come here to enjoy the nature. It is easy to make an appointment with the organizer. That means everyone is allowed to try paragliding sports.

Visiting Partukko Naginjang
In terms of appearance, Partukko Naginjang is quite simple. Though, it features numerous natural attractions and beautiful scenes. The temperature can be quite cold during the rainy season. Therefore, the best time to come to Martahan Janji Village is in summer. It is perfect for paragliding, after all. Not to mention there are more visitors in holidays. It is better to make a reservation beforehand, so you can get reassured to do such extreme sports. If you don’t like paragliding, you can simply get around the village and enjoy its nature.

Even though paragliding seems a perfect activity during a holiday, it can be quite hazardous. Beginners should obey the instructions. Another consideration is the money. It costs much money, so you must be prepared. Fortunately, you don’t need to carry a paraglider kit. It is because the organizer may provide it for you. You can rent the equipment and kit from them. Make sure you talk to them regarding your weight, health conditions, and other personal information. This helps you prevent unwanted events while paragliding.

Partukko Naginjang becomes a landing point for paragliding. Why is that? It is due to its vast and safe land. Paragliders are able to do it safely, regardless of experience. Are you interested? Paragliding is actually safer than other life-threatening sports. It will be an unforgettable experience. You can fly in the air while enjoying nature views. Next, you can decrease height over time so you reach the ground smoothly. For many, it is a new experience. With a proper instruction, everyone can do it.

Many tourists also come conduct paragliding for maintaining their physical and mental condition. Partukko Naginjang is definitely a great place to do it. Most of you don’t like workout routines. Paragliding can be the best choice. It relieves both stresses and burdens. Recently, local government has conducted a competition in Martahan Janji Village. Though, only Indonesia paragliders are allowed to join it. As an alternative, you can visit nearby attractions like Siulak Hosa and Toba Lake festivals.

How to Get There
The trip takes about 5 hours from Medan. Actually, it takes about 185 km through Sidikalang Street. It can be faster without traffic, though. From Medan City, you need to take Sei Deli Street to Bulu Tangkis Street to Sidikalang. Once you reach Partuko Naginjang, you can directly head to your destination, which is Janji Martahan Village. No worries. It will be a comfortable trip. Make sure you use the right vehicle!

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