Pangururan Hot Spring in Samosir District, North Sumatra Province

Many ideas are available to enjoy a relaxing vacation such as visiting a famous hot spring in Samosir District, which is called Pangururan. The location is in Rianiate Village and it becomes an interesting tourist spot for both locals and outsiders. Not only the water is relaxing, but the hot spring is surrounded by pristine nature. That means tourists can simply relax in the water and enjoy the peaceful nuance. Here is the fact. The location is near to Pussuk Buhit Mount (the highest peak of Toba Mountain). Despite the hard route, nature is definitely calming.

The Nuance
The locals call it Aek Rangat or “Pemandian Air Hangat”. They have built some ponds that get natural water from the mountain. The temperature is warm as it comes from a hot spring, combined with fresh water. That means it won’t be too hot for tourists. The size of the ponds is moderate, so it can accommodate visitors properly. Near to the ponds, there is an area for showering, where people clean themselves before and after getting into the pond. When it comes to the nuance, it is relaxing, as the location is surrounded by trees and other natural features.

Exploring Pangururan Hot Spring
The prime reason to visit Pangururan Hot Spring is to lessen stresses. Taking a bath in warm and comfy water is definitely relaxing. Some people even believe the water can get rid of skin diseases and provides theraupetic effects. Due to such popularity, more people keep coming to the site along with their families. They are also impressed with the color of the water, which is grayish white. No wonder, some visitors also want to take pictures of the hot spring. It is likely they want to share their experiences to social media like Instagram.

The locals have decided to build some ponds in order to store hot water, coming from the mountain. They also mix it with fresh water, so the temperature becomes tolerable to human skin. It is because the original hot spring is quite hot that can burn the skin. The ponds come with different levels of temperature, actually. That means tourists can choose one that matches their preference. For kids, it is better to choose a lukewarm and shallow pond, so they can enjoy taking bath in it.

What’s next? Apart from taking bath in the ponds, visitors can also enjoy local foods, especially Gomak Noodle. As for the drink, a milk tea is quite recommended. Both of them become a signature snacks in Pangururan and other tourist spots in Toba Lake, after all. Not only they are delicious, their price is quite affordable too. Some eateries are available in Pangururan City, so tourists can easily get the foods without hassles.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Hobon
  • Sopo Gurur Teta Bulan
  • Siraja Batak Settlement

How to Get There
From Medan, the first destination is Parapat City. Once travelers get to the location, they can take a boat to Tomok Port in Samosir Island. From Tomok Village, the next destination is Pangururan City that takes about 2 hours. Later, they may continue the trip to Rianiate Village, where the hot spring resides. Along the way to the location, beautiful pine trees and green hills are seen clearly!

Where to Stay

  • Tiga Besar Hotel
  • Saulina Resort
  • Dainang Hotel

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