Hole Island in Sipolha, Simalungun

Simalungun Regency is famous for its solemn nature. Tourists also recognize a beautiful island there. The name is Hole Island. The size of the island is small and there are no people living in it. Due to its uniqueness, the island becomes a worthy vacation destination, especially during weekends. Those who visit Simalungun shouldn’t miss it. Actually, it is the part of Toba Lake. You can enjoy numerous tourist spots in this area. It is because Sipolha holds many beautiful landscapes. What is it about?

The Hole Island and Nearby Attractions
Hole Island has no settlement. That means it is a virgin island. Not to mention there is no electricity. Therefore, you must look for an accommodation a little bit far from this area. Also, you must visit the island either in the morning or noon. It is not wise to visit the island in the night as there is no electricity at all. On top of that, Sipolha is a modest area. It is suitable for those who look for a peaceful vacation. The island becomes the part of this, as well.

Once you reach the island, you are able to enjoy the nature. There is a tiang sapo. It is a small cottage and you can use it for relaxing. Tiang sapo is located in the highest part of the island. You can do many things on the island, after all. These include trekking, water sports, relaxing, and much more. After you spend a good time in Hole Island, it is time to go back to Simalungun. There are other adventures waiting for you.

In Simalungun, you can find a mysterious cemetery. Actually, there is only a single tomb. It is Pintauli Br. Manik’s. According to the locals, he was a father of former regent of Simalungun, Djabanten Demanik. Another favorite spot is the Djabanten’s mansion. As the name suggests, it was the home of Damanik. In order to talk to local people comfortably, you should know Indonesian Language. No worries. You can simply hire a tour guide. He will help you communicate with the locals. This way, you are able to learn the story in Simalungun without hassles.

Hole Island is one of the best tourist spots in Sipolha. It is a unique and solemn island. Once you explore the island, you can visit nearby destinations. For instance, there is the famous Sipolha Hill. The scenery is quite astonishing from here. Make sure you visit it either before dawn and dusk. Both the sunrise and sunset are stunning. No wonder, many people come here for photography. As an alternative, you can visit Tigarasa Port.

How to Get There
From Medan, you can directly head to Sipolha. It is better to ride a rented car. It won’t take much time, after all. Not to mention you may pass through many unique buildings. For example, there is a Gold Fish building. In Sipolha, you need to find a local hotel. If necessary, you can eat first before visiting the island. In order to reach Hole Island, you must use a local boat. No worries. It doesn’t cost much.

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