Siboruan Waterfall is a Distinct Beauty in Balige

In Balige, there is an interesting village. It has a potential to be a tourist destination. The name is Siboruon Village. The most famous attraction is Siboruon Waterfall. It is located near to the settlement. Most of the visitors are those who love nature. They want to feel the refreshing water and solemn atmosphere in Siboruon. The locals take advantage of the waterfall to attract tourists. This way, they can use the money to improve its facilities. Hopefully, it can attract more local and foreign visitors.

Trekking to Siboruan Waterfall
Siboruon Waterfall has a unique beauty. It is surrounded by shady trees and hills. From the village, you may see stunning scenery. The rice fields will make you amazed. You can also witness the famous Toba Lake from here. The best time to visit Siboruon is during summer. The weather is good, so you can see the majestic landscape around the village. It features the sound of the river. What a peaceful atmosphere. For those who haven’t found a hotel yet, local people may offer a room for resting. They are friendly, after all.

Apart from Toba Lake, people visit the village for its waterfall. It is a bonus. It is true the lake becomes an icon of North Sumatra. However, there are other attractions near to Toba Lake. Siboruon Waterfall is one of them. The locals also build some food stands near to this tourist spot. This way, visitors are able to buy foods and drinks while spending a good time here. There is a signature dish, as well. It is the grilled pig. Muslims won’t eat that, though.

A vacation to Siboruon Waterfall is considered as an opportunity for trekking. It is because you need to spend much energy and time to reach the waterfall. Though, it is worth a try. From the village, you should pass through the rice fields. There are some locals taking care of their livestock. It is quite calming. Not to mention you need to cross the forest. The trip will take for hours. Since you can’t use a vehicle, you need to walk. If you feel tired, you can wash your face in the river. It is refreshing, indeed.

Once you reach the Siboruon Waterfall, you can get around and explore this location. Actually, there is another name for it. Local people call it sampuran. Visitors come here due to many reasons. Some of them want to witness the secluded waterfall directly. The others want to enjoy the trekking experience. What about you? Once you explore the waterfall, you can go back to the village. Don’t forget to try some local foods!

How to Get There
Siboruon Waterfall is situated near to Balige city. It is about 7 km. From Balige, you should pick your vehicle carefully. The road isn’t quite good. Make sure that you come during summer. It is because the rainy season may increase the risk of landslide. It takes about 1-2 hours from Balige to Siboruon Village. Despite this uncomfortable trip, you will find a beautiful location for relaxing. Both the village and waterfall are incredible.

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